South Park Forest Fire

Monday, April 9, 2012 Just before 6:30 a.m. Tabernacle Rescue Squad was dispatched for the ambulance and rehab unit to respond to Station 291 (Chatsworth Fire Station). As crews arrived at the station many of them who had been asleep over night learned that there was a large 600+ forest fire burning along South Park road towards the Township border. Rehab 4399 was stocked with supplies and it and Ambulance 4394 responded to Station 291. Once at Station 291 Rehab 4399 was directed to respond back to the Incident Command Post located at the South Park Gun Club while Ambulance 4394 remained at Station 291. Rehab 4399 arrived at the Command Post and setup for rehab operations. Ambulance 4394 stood-by at Station 291 for about two hours before being relocated to the Incident Command post. Once there the crew from the ambulance stood-by to assist the Rehab crew as needed. As the day went on members on both units were exchanged as additional members came home from work or other functions. All the Tabernacle Rescue Squad units remained on scene until about 7:00 P.M. when they were released by command. In addition a request was made by the Burlington County EMS coordinators for us to have a deicated crew from 11:00 P.M. until 7:00 A.M. Tuesday Morning to provide coverage to the forest fire. Several members stepped up and a second crew was placed in house at station 439 to provide this coverage. No services were needed during this time. The Tabernacle Rescue Squad woule like to remind everyone that wildfire season runs from late March/early April into the late summer months.  Weather conditions combined with the accumulation of deadfall from trees and plants sometimes create ideal conditions for fires to develop and spread rapidly. Eveyone is reminded that they Must have a permit from a NJ forest fire warden before having any typer of out door fire. For more information please visit the New Jersey Forest Fire Service Website.


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Happy Easter

The Officers and members of the Tabernalce Rescue Squad would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Please be safe during your travels today and enjoy the times with loved ones.



All Tied Up: The use of Restraints in the Pre-Hospital Setting Training

Wednesday, March 28, 2012, Tonight at 19:30 hours Tabernacle Rescue Squad members were joined by Shamong EMS members to learn about the use of restraints in the pre-hospital setting. This training course covered when a patient can and can not refuse care, how to properly and safely apply restraints, and what information must be included in our documentation. After about a two hour lecture everyone was broken up into groups and sent to several skills stations. These stations gave everyone some hands on experience with the different types of restraints and some time to discuss and share ideas. This class was very informative and everyone walked away with some new and useful information. 

Photos: David Klotz

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Crews cover two standbys

On Saturday March 23rd, The Tabernacle Rescue Squad was requested by school officials to provide an ambulance at Seneca High School to standby while they played host to the districts "FIRST" robotics competition. This competition was comprised of over 40 competitors from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Ambulance 4392 arrived at the competition around 10:30 hours and upon arrival the crew was directed by competition officials of where they wanted them to standby and all other pertinent details. While on standby the crew treated several minor injuries and also transported one spectator to the hospital for an evaluation. While the crew transported the injured to the hospital a second ambulance was requested to respond and standby until Ambulance 4392 could complete the transport. Ambulance 4394 responded and stood-by until Ambulance 4392 returned and released them. At 14:30 hours while crews were still standing by at the robotics tournament Ambulance 4391 headed over to Medford EMS Station 258. Members of station 258 were attending their annual awards banquet and had requested us to provide and ambulance at their station from 15:00 to 06:00 hours on Sunday morning. Ambulance 4391 was treated to dinner thanks to MEMS and settled in for the night. During the standby the crew from Ambulance 4391 handled two calls for service with one being a transport and the second refusing transport. At 06:00 Ambulance 4391 was released and returned to Station 439. On Sunday morning at 08:00 hours Ambulance 4392 once again headed over to Seneca High School to provide coverage for the second day of the competition. Once again the crew treated several injuries and had no transportation's. In all 10 different Volunteers provided coverage of all the standbys. 

Click here for a news article on the Robotics Competition




Rehab Training Turns Into Rehab Assigment

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Shortly after 19:30 hours members had gather at Station 439 for this year's first Special Operations Drill. The topic for the drill was Emergency Services Rehabilitation. Over the past several months we have received several pieces of new equipment from the county to be placed on our new rehab truck and to be utilized on fire scenes, MCI's, accidents and any other large scale incident where emergency services rehabilitation may be needed. At 20:48 hours as members where in the middle of reviewing the equipment Task Force 4310, Stations 281, 172, 171, Quint 251, and RIT 191 were dispatched to 50 summit drive for a dwelling fire. Ambulance 4394, Rescue 4399, Ambulance 4392, Ambulance 4391, and 4393 were all on the street moments after dispatch. Chief 4300 arrived on location with nothing showing and then reported he had fire in the walls on the Bravo Charlie corner of the home. With this report Deputy Chief 4310 placed "All companies in service" and established CP 43. Ambulance 4394 and Ambulance 4392 arrived and staged in neighboring driveways. Rescue 4399 arrived and was placed in the front of the home to provided lighting to the scene and also setup rehab. Ambulance 4391 and 4393 arrived and staged on Anne Drive. Fire department units were able to make a quick knock down of the fire holding it to the Bravo Charlie corner of the home. Once rehab was established TRS personnel processed several fire crews through it. At 22:52 hours all Station 439 units were released from the fire ground and returned to Station 439 to clean up what was left out from the drill and to restock Rescue 4399 with rehab supplies. Station 439 responded with a total of 20 volunteers.

Photos: Steve Cramer

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Rehab Special Called To Medford TWP.

February 25th, 2012 At 15:43 hours Rehab 439 was dispatched to 77 Jackson Road in Medford Township for a dwelling fire. Rescue 4399(w/5) quickly responded and arrived on location to find units from Medford, Evesham, and Medford Lakes in the overhaul phase of the fire. Rescue 4399 was ordered to stage at Jackson Road and Carol Joy Road and to setup a rehab with Medford EMS units. Rescue 4399's crew setup several chairs and stood-by until 16:49 hours when they were released by command.

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