Member Graduates EMT-B

The Tabernacle Rescue Squad would like to recognize and congratulate Brittany Wright in becoming a State Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Beginning in the month of September and for about 3 months following she spent her Monday and Wedensday nights attending training adding up to over 120 hours to become trained in the basics of emergency medicine.

If you see her around, please congratulate her for a job well done for the hard work and dedication to the community.


Holiday Safety Tips

It is natural to get caught up in this busy time of the year, but we ask that you take a moment to look around and check that your family and home are safe during the holidays. Here are some tips to help ensure that everyone stays safe. The members of Tabernacle Rescue Squad wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season.

  • Keep small toys, gifts, and breakables out of reach of infants and toddlers. Children like to place small objects into their mouth which may cause choking and could be fatal. The same also applies to rubber balloons. Balloons may break and the small pieces are enticing for kids to chew on. These pieces are similar in texture to your skin and may also cause a child to choke.
  • Be aware that Christmas tree electrical cords may pose a tripping hazard if left on the floor. Keep these and any other electrical cords secure so that a child does not have the opportunity to pull on them.
  • Do not leave purses with medications in areas where they can be reached by children. Whether at home or just visiting friends, this is a common way for children to get access to medications.
  • Do not piggyback multiple extension cords. Known as an octopus, this is a common cause of electrical fires. Inspect all electrical cords for cracks in the protective sheathing. Worn electrical cords should not be used and need to be thrown out.
  • Be aware that candles pose a fire risk if not handled correctly, they may fall over and start a fire. Candles should also be placed away from the edge of tables so they cannot fall off if a child pulls on the tablecloth.
  • You may have visitors who have food allergies, especially nut allergies. You need to inform all guests with allergies to ask what is in the food before they enjoy it.
  • When decorating for the holidays, be aware that tinsel is a common cause of choking for infants, toddlers, and animals. Dogs and cats are especially fond of this holiday decoration.
  • Keep infants, toddlers, and animals away from Poinsettias. Even though it is not poisonous, eating poinsettia leaves may cause vomiting.
  • Holly and mistletoe are considered poisonous and should also be kept away from children. If ingested, contact Poison Control.
  • Check all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to be sure they are in working order.
  • When driving on snowy or icy roads, keep in mind that it takes longer for vehicles to stop. Reduce your speed on slippery roads and give yourself plenty of room to stop.
  • Don't let children hollow out snow banks and play in them. The snow can collapse, trap, and suffocate a child. The same applies to playing on snow banks by the roadside, children could fall in the path of traffic or snow plows.
  • When travelling this holiday season, remember to have a safety kit in your car. A first aid kit, booster cables, gloves and hats, non perishable snacks, blanket, and candles would be a great start to protecting yourself while travelling.
  • Keep all stairs in your home clear of toys and gifts.
  • Be nice, clear your ice. This not only helps pedestrians but also the emergency workers that may be responding to your home or work site.
  • Turn off all holiday lights when you go to bed, or when you leave your home.
  • Please remember "Don't Drink and Drive", have a designated driver.
  • While cooking, try to use the rear burners, this will help to prevent clothing catching on the pots that could cause a spill or burn. Never leave cooking unattended on the stove, children are naturally curious and may injure or burn themselves.
  • Always have a first aid kit in your home. Be sure it is stocked and everyone knows where it is.
  • Always keep the draw strings for blinds and drapes high and out of reach of children. Children can have their necks become entangled and risk suffocation.
  • Have a very safe and happy holiday season.



12-03-11 New Building Update


It's been about two months since our last update and a lot has happened since then. The drywall has been hung on all of the interior walls and they have all received a coat of paint. Most of the rough ins for the electrical, plumbing and HVAC have been completed. Within the next few weeks the ceiling grid should be hung allowing some final installation work to begin. In the apparatus bays the new Bay doors which a focal point for the building have been installed but are awaiting the glass installation. All the walls and ceiling have been painted in the bays as well as the lights have been hung. In the radio room, laundry rooms, EMS supply room, and cascade room the walls are all painted and the ceiling grid has been hung. On the exterior of the building most of the siding has been completed and the stone work is almost finished as well. All the concrete for the pads and sidewalks have been poured and paving of the parking lots and driveways is slated to done in the next week or so. The working continues to progress along at a fairly quick pace. The project continues to be on schedule and we hope to be moving into our new home not long after the beginning of the New Year. Please stay tuned as our new home becomes reality!!!


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It's that time of year agian, when we are all flocking to home improvement stores, stocking up on new decorations for our homes, and spending the day inside and out decorating for the holidays. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) roughly 10,000 people every year, nationwide are injured from falls while engaged in decorating for the holidays . As tragic as these types of accidents are, they are preventable. Here are a few safety tips for decorating your home:

  • Utilize poles to hang lights in trees whenever possible.
  • Limit plugging more than 3 strands of lights in a series.

  • When using a ladder, check for overhead obstructions (electric lines, trees, etc.) and use a spotter to foot your ladder.
  • Always work within a safe distance of the ladder. DON’T try to reach further than an arm’s length away from the ladder with your torso parallel to the beams of the ladder.
  • Always insure a proper climbing angle for your ladder. You can accomplish this by standing on the bottom rung and reaching out to the rung at shoulder length. If your arms are straight at the elbow and parallel to the ground, you have the proper climbing angle
  • Don’t overload outlets and use UL listed outdoor surge protectors whenever possible.
  • Inspect light strands for exposed wires. Discard and replace any damaged light strands.

Using these safety tips will help to insure a happy and safe holiday season for everyone!



Busy Weekend for Everyone

November 19th 2011, This past weekend the members of the Tabernacle Rescue Squad were kept very busy attending training and covering two standbys. On Saturday morning at 08:00 the members gathered at the station to take part in some vehicle extrication training. During this training the crews practiced the use of our paratech struts which are used to stabilize vehicles that have overturned onto their sides and roofs. The crews went through several scenarios with two vehicles on their sides which included completing removing the roof of both these vehicles. After those evolutions were completed the crews worked on a technique called a third door. This technique is used on two door vehicles to remove people who are trapped in the back seat of the vehicle. Everyone had a good time training and a lot was learned by everyone during each evolution. Once this training was over the members were treated to lunch by the Tabernacle Twp. Safety committee at the annual safety lunch. While our training was going on we had two crews covering standbys. The first standby was at Prickets Mill Park where crews were standing by for a T.A.A soccer tournament. The Second crew was standing by at New Jersey Forest Fire Service Div. B headquarters while members of the NJFFS completed the annual pack test. This test is completed every year by members of NJFFS who are looking to be deployed outside of the state of New Jersey. This test consists of walking 3 miles in 45 minutes while wearing af 45 lb weight vest. Fortunately no assistance was needed by either crew during these standbys. On Sunday two crews once again headed out to cover these standbys. The crew covering the NJFFS standby took one refusal while the crew at Prickets Mill Park had no calls for service. It should also be noted that on Saturday during the rescue training the crews were dispatched to Shamong twp. to handle a medical call. A4394 responded and handled the call with 3 members. The officers of the organization would like to thank all the members who came out and took time out of their weekend to participate in training and help cover the standbys.


Rehab 4398 Update

It has been a while since we have provided any updates on our new rehab truck. As many of you know back in early September the squad purchased an new (used) truck from the Lorraine Vol Fire Co. to be used as an Emergency Services Rehab truck. Well after spending some time getting prices on repainting the truck to the squad colors the truck has finally headed out to Steve Flanagan's Auto & Truck Service of NJ in Pennsauken to be repainted. The truck will have some minor repairs done to the body before it is painted. We hope to have the truck back by late December or Early January. At that point it will be lettered and equipment mounted. We hope to have the truck in-service by the end February. Stay tuned for more updates!


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